UK  Data  Entry  -  Working  with  People

Our data entry work enables our agents to work from home entering data to their user interface and uploading to our servers.  We refer our registered companies to our agents for work.  The demand for data entry work is endless and we always have work for our agents.

UK D/E: Oct 28, 2006

 Agent Checklist

    To become an agent you will need;
    1.  A reliable Internet connection
    2.  Basic keyboard skills
    3.  Our user interface software
    You will be required to;
1.  Fill in forms online
    2.  Respond to inquiries
    3.  Process orders
    4.  Follow instructions sent by email


Step 1 

Get your user interface software HERE  

Step 2 

Register your software and set up your agent account      

Step 3 

Setup your software (go to the support link for help) and follow your work instruction emails.  Submit your work and get paid. Simple!.                


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